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Zen Heat Plate Melt Warmer
Zen Heat Plate Melt Warmer

Zen Heat Plate Melt Warmer

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Want a warmer you can leave on 24/7 without blowing a globe that also costs peanuts to run? 
This is what you’re looking for! 
With life getting back to normal somewhat, we thought about the best option to really scent your home when you’re constantly popping in & out… we wanted an option that scents so well, you walk in & it’s a paradise - welcoming a scent lover like you! 

Most melt warmers use a light globe to create the heat to melt wax.
The heat plate warmer is electric with an element under the melt tray.
My personal favourite as you don’t blow globes and need to replace them.

Simply pop in one or 2 of our wax melt cubes and change daily for constant scenting. 

Each warmer comes with 2 free random packs of melts (valued at $13.90) to set you up & also makes the perfect gift!