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The care, attention & passion we pour into our candles is something that mass produced candles can never compete with... each candle created by Chris & I is done knowing they’re going to be something special for someone. You.

I often think as I’m working on a candle, will this one be a ‘birthday present’, that one a ‘me time candle’ for an exhausted mum like me, is this one going to burn in a kitchen that’s just cooked a big family meal or did someone just treat themselves with this one because they deserve something special!

We do truly pour our hearts into our candles, I’m sure the warmth transcends - which, alongside the quality & value is what makes our  customers return & recommend us.

- Jacqui

S’OL FACTORIE: a play on words.
The OLFACTORY being our sense of smell and the SOUL that is touched when recalling memories created by scent.


We are a small family run business in Sydney’s North West.

Starting from very humble beginnings selling a handful of candles at any market that would have us - expanding to produce up to 1000 candles per week, all thanks to word of mouth and the support of our faithful customers.

Our mantra is to produce the highest quality, largest range & most affordable Luxury Soy Candles around. We like to think we do!

We hand pour each candle (day & night) with great care & detail - delivering beautifully handcrafted scents, from our home to yours.