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Grand Diffuser

Grand Diffuser

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Huge, Strong, Grand! Just the way we like em! 
220mL highly scented Grand Fragrance Diffuser with fibre reeds. 

What makes this diffuser Grand?

Well it’s not just the huge size - it’s the scent load -most diffuser bases can only carry a small amount of fragrance oil before clogging the reeds.
So...We have blended our own base with just a bit of plant derived ethanol, allowing us to really load these bad boys up with fragrance whilst diffusing perfectly.

Coupled with Fibre Reeds which diffuse scent better than traditional rattan/wood these are 
not for the feint hearted, Grand Diffusers are serious scent throwers.

If you find them too strong or are using in a smaller room, simply use less reeds.

Don’t forget to flip your reeds weekly to stop dust clogging them 👍🏼